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Promotion: Various Photoshoots: Empire magazine and Teen Vogue magazine: out in October 2008

This will feature some of the photo shoots the cast has done in order to promote Twilight.

Just to speed things up a bit and because there's not that much to speculate on except for some body-language reading, I have collected them all in these upcoming posts.

In september 2008 The cast did the Vanity Fair shoot, which we already covered, but they also had a shoot with Empire magazine. Which is likely to have taken place before Vanity Fair, no exact date is known, however the video to the shoot became available in October.

The Empire shoot:

And some behind the scene footage:


The Teen Vogue shoot:


Putting these two videos up 'against' one another shows a different kind of dynamic in both shoots. This makes sense, naturally.

Not only are the shoots for different magazines, but there are also different players involved. That's where some interesting speculation lies though.

First the Empire shoot: it shows a Rob/Kristen closeness less steamy, espcially when comparing the shoot to the one for Vanity Fair. Word has it Michael Angarano was on the set of the Empire photoshoot and given what happened at the Vanity Fair photo shoot a few weeks earlier, it might make sense if he was there, perhaps keeping an eye on his girlfriend. It would also explain the difference between Rob and Kristen's flirty, rather sexually tainted demeanor at the VF shoot compared to a more reserved and slightly more uncomfortable and yet still sort of close stance during the Empire shoot.

When Rob is headlocking Kristen, he is trying to loosen her up. She looks a little embarrassed but not exactly irritated with Rob. There's a hint of inner turmoil when he puts his arm around her, wanting him to but knowing it may not be the best idea (if they're being watched by MA) and actual pain when they stand there looking down, bodies close but not facing each other.

Still, count the times Kristen is sneaking a peek at Rob. IF MA was there, it certainly did not stop her to stare at Rob.

Moving on to the significance of a photoshoot with and without Nikki Reed present.

While we will get to the conspiracy surrounding Nikki Reed later, it does stand out that Kristen seems to be a different person with Reed around. Reed seems to like getting all up in Stewart's business and Kristen seems comfortable with Reed's close proximity.

No. we're not speculating they are lesbian lovers, but we are aware of the significance in behavior when Kristen is, and when she isn't around Reed.

Then at the Teen Vogue shoot, we see Reed talking for Kristen several times and Kristen and Rob don't even share a frame.

Yes, this is probably the way the interview was set up. And yet, it does make one wonder. It certainly says alot about what we've always perceived of Reed's character. We'll have more on that in our following post, with more photo shoots to come.

Follow the links to some galleries with all these pictures:

Empire: http://www.empireonline.com/magazine/twilight/

Teen Vogue: http://everglowmedia.net/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=679

Disclaimer: we do not own any of the Youtube videos or picture galleries on this blog. They are made by people far more talented. Please give them credit if and when credit's due. Merci!

Twilight Promotion: Photo shoot for Vanity Fair on September 13 2008: Facts & Fiction

The photo shoot for Vanity Fair was done on September 13, 2008 by photographer Peggy Sirota at Ventura Farms in Thousand Oaks, California.


Lets start with the facts: What we can actually SEE. The behind the scenes videos of this shoot.








Before we start speculating on this, we need to keep in mind that this photo-shoot had a theme that was oozing hotness. The clothes, the poses, the atmosphere and not to mention the directions the photographer gave.

It's not hard to imagine Rob and Kristen got a little caught up in this, as the compilation video below shows.


But next to the appliance of common sense, there's also a few things to speculate on.

First off, a supposed quick kiss Rob plants on Kristen.

Updated on Oct 14 2009: It's a kiss. Proof:

And another one:
Smooch on Kristen's chest.

Source: http://i36.tinypic.com/169rof6.gif


Source: http://i33.tinypic.com/2ns9t9k.gif

And in the below video, around the 6.08-6.11 mark: does Kristen give Rob a quick peck back?


When looking strictly objective it looks like she is making contact with him, but that doesn't mean she is doing it with her lips.

Still when using your imagination a bit, it could be a quick peck on the cheek, by photographers direction perhaps. Also, the way Kristen keeps leaning against Rob, her arms firmly around him, it certainly does not bother her to leave it linger on his chest.

Lets move on to the supposed "mounting" - comment.

In the video below, around the 5.00 mark, uncertified lip readers are convinced that Kristen asks Rob: "Do you think she would mind if I mounted it?" Then R's mouth drops to the ground and after he recovers they immediately start making plans for a rendevous. K seals the deal by winking at R. She then makes a head gesture that signifies the question "What about her?" Then the camera pulls back as if it is going to pan the area to see who she was referring to but instead settles back on them."


Now the word mount can be made out, but the rest is more on the fuzzy side. Rob's facial expression is surprising though. He looks at her with a definite jaw drop. We can't perse make out an "OMG" from Rob, but the expression is telling.

Still, we can consider this a joke between two co-stars, even with Rob's reaction.

Then there's the intimate hand touching, as seen in a screenshot below:

Again, it's easy to conclude this is part of the intimacy of the shoot. Maybe Rob and Kristen got a bit carried away, it doesn't mean they were in love, or even just casually hooking up.

But, there is a significance in the way they behave around each other.

Take for instance the part in the video above (with the supposed mounting comment/plans) where Rob and Kristen have to hold hands and jump in the air.

Now, the assignment is simple enough: jump in the air whilst holding hands. But the photographer is NOT snapping pictures the entire time and yet they continue to hold hands. Also, Kristen is having trouble with her dress - keeping her ladies from falling out - and yet she doesn't not free her hand to pull the dress up with two hands. She keeps holding Rob's hand quite firmly in between shots.

Conclusions? We can say for sure that this photo shoot undeniably shows these two have great chemistry. And if we take into account that the photographer directed them to do certain poses, it is all very easily explained. But still, if I'd been Kristen Stewart's boyfriend at the time, I would have not been so pleased. Assuming her boyfriend at the time was the one NOT in that shoot with her, holding her in all kinds of provocative poses. Especially for someone who was not her boyfriend.

Feel free to add speculation in the comments :)

Disclaimer: we do not own any of the Youtube videos on this blog. They are made by people far more talented. Please give them credit if and when credit's due. Merci!

Twilight Promotion: MTV Video Music Awards September 7 2008

The Twilight Cast attended the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 7th 2008.

This was not the most important of events in relation to Rob and Kristen but nonetheless an event they attended together, alongside co stars Cam Gigadet and Taylor Lautner.

At the event they made an appearance to announce Paramore to the stage for a performance.

On stage:

Some photos:


There is not that much known about any speculation-worthy type of event in relation to Rob and Kristen. Though yet again, Kristen was there with her known boyfriend Michael Angarano.

Comparing between between R/K and K/MA does not prove to be of much help either, though there's always the subjective study of body language that people apply to build their theories.

Rob and Kristen:

Kristen and Michael:

(all photos are courtesy of http://everglowmedia.net --> give 'em props)

About the body-language:

Kristen and Michael are holding hands. But their bodies are leaning away frome ach other, whereas Rob and Kristen's bodies are closer in proximity and angled toward one another.

Hand holding looks very intimate and familiar but the distance between Kristen and Michael and the way he positions himself in front of Kristen in the one picture could be interpreted as him being the one in control in the relationship. It does not look very friendly at first sight.

Rob and Kristen do not position themselves in front of the other person, which could indicate they feel more like equals, giving their relantionship an obviously different dynamic than the one between Kristen and Michael. Naturally, Rob and Kristen are friends, and perhaps Rob - whose personality seems to be more open than Michael's - is the type of person to position his body toward the other person, because he feels comfortable doing so, whereas Michael is perhaps a more reserved character.

Kristen and Michael both look into the camera and appear not to interact, whereas Kristen and Rob seem to sharing a few moments

Based on body language there is not much to go on, and certainly no indication that Kristen was in love with Rob at this point. It just goes to show she is comfortable standing close to him but at the same time there's no way of knowing this influenced her feelings for Rob and her relationship with Michael. Studies of body language are far from infallible but they do prove to be an interesting sport.

Feel free to add your thoughts about the body language in above pictures, in the comments.

Disclaimer: we do not own any of the Youtube videos on this blog. They are made by people far more talented. Please give them credit if and when credit's due. Merci!

Twilight Promotion: Comicon: July 24th 2008: Facts and Fiction on the Twilight panel and interviews

Lets start with the event itself. The facts of what went down.

The panel:











Borders Interview:


The speculation: Comic Con 2008 was an event that proved how big Twilight was rapidly getting. But at the time most people only has eyes for the actors that were going to portray Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

People might have secretly wondered if these two people were not a couple or at the very least very flirty, but every one was so distracted with Rob's hair and smile that they probably did not see the longing looks between Kristen and Rob until after.

One particular thing that stood out is images like the photos above. Where it seems like Rob and Kristen only have eyes for each other. And not just in an obvious: "we're good friends/co stars" kind of way.

Plus Hickeys?



But do these kinds of observations prove anything? Does this prove Stew and Ransom were in love and together?


Of course it doesn't. And they weren't. Officially, Michael Angarano was Kristen's boyfriend during CC08. And after too.

Still... when you look at all the Comicon 2008 material, it does make you wonder.

Are Rob and Kristen just very good friends?

Well, they must have been.

Flirty they were too, no doubt.

But that's about it, right. Just flirty friends.

Dating? No.

Just having sex? Maybe.

Except that would Stew a cheater. Unless she and MA were on a "Ross-Rachel" type break.


Michael Angarano was simply not her boyfriend at the time.

Or ever.

You decide.

The videos themselves simply show what these two have always shown us. But there was not a name for it, until watching Comicon 08 and putting it in the context of what we know now.

We have a name for the longing looks and smiles now.

It's called the "Robsten Bubble."

And if you look at the 0.32 mark in this video, you can see Rob's always been in it.


Disclaimer : we own none of the Youtube videos on this blog. They are made by people far more talented. Please give them credit if and when credit's due. Merci!

Twilight Promotion: Photo shoot and coverage on Twilight set by Entertainment Weekly on June 6 2008: Facts and Fiction

More photos

The inspiration for this shoot, which took place in a secluded area north of L.A., came from a romance-novel book jacket. Says Riedel, “It’s a hero whisking his woman in distress away. It was a moment of passion.” It was also a moment of slight filthiness for subjects Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. “They were getting wet [and] standing in a pond. If they were divas, I don’t think we would’ve been able to pull that off.

Outtakes of the Year

This photo-shoot, like so many other joined appearances by Rob and Kristen shows us yet again how comfortable they are around each other.

This is starting to sound repetitive but it's the most obvious thing we can get from the photos. And it is nice to know and not surprising at all that Rob and Kristen are no divas.

There's no actual speculation on this photoshoot. No video footage to analyze. No rumors buzzing about this particular day. Just a bunch of beautiful photos for us to look at :)

http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20211840,00.html">Added: Entertainment Weekly on the Twilight set

Disclaimer: we own nothing

Twilight Promotion: MTV Movie Awards June 1st 2008: Facts and Speculation

http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/1588579/20080603/story.jhtml">About the show


The video speaks for itself.

Is there anything to speculate based on this appearance?

Well, it's more proof how well Kristen and Rob get along.

But does it also feed the theory that they fell in love during the audition or perhaps during filming?

We certainly know for sure Michael Angarano, Kristen's known boyfriend at the time joined her on the red carpet.


Studying the video though, and especially the look exchanged between Rob and Kristen with Michael right there not only fuels the fire Kristen and Rob were already into each other back then, thus adding to the theory that they may have fallen in love straight away, but it also hints the a certain idea that Michael at that point was no longer her boyfriend and only joined her based on friendship, or even in the role of being part of her "supportive" entourage.

That, or we could simply deduce this is the look shared between two friends who are both very new to doing public events, thus looking for some comfort and support with one another.

Twilight Filming Feb - Apr 2008 Facts, Theories and Speculation

Let's start this off with some facts on what went down during the Filming of Twilight.

The best way? Some interviews with Kristen and Rob and the rest of the cast on set.




MTV Interview:


Behind the Scenes videos, to give a feel of what the dynamic was.


More on the ON-Set dynamic:


Most comments by other cast members are all about the great chemistry Rob and Kristen have on set, so I will not post all of them here, right now.

There is a quote by Rachelle Lefevre on Rob and Kristen about how they'd fight one moment and than be okay again the next, kind of like Bella and Edward in the fan video below.


Also, during Twilight filming, it was all about Bella and Edward and there was no outside focus on Robsten yet, so the cast probably did not specifically focus on Rob and Kristen.

Of course, there are interviews with Rob and Kristen during promotion, about what went down on set.

And what about the "infamous" marriage proposals:


Confirmed in a radio interview for a UK radio station. The interviewer asks Kristen about the proposals.

"Kristen if he meant it would you say yes" and Kristen stammers and laughs and says "he is right here". Then Rob pipes in that she would say yes"


Another fact:

Rob was there to celebrate Kristen's birthday:

And while she barely remembers the gifts she received, she does remember Rob's:

“Rob got me a guitar, uhm, which is beautiful. The guitar is, like, great. It got a lot of use on the film. Everybody was, sort of, musically inclined, or, at least, interested.”

However, aside from Rob’s gift, Kristen could barely remember the details of her other 18th birthday gifts, “Yeah, yeah, I think people got me some stuff…I don’t really remember. I think… I don’t really remember.”

(The questions are in German. The first questions is about celebrating her 18th and if she received any cool gifts)


This is a great compilation of what happened during the filming of Twilight

The facts on the dynamic between Rob and Kristen during the filming of Twilight show they get along well.

This leads to some speculation on what went down on (and off) set during Twilight filming.

This is from "Margaret" a poster on Ted's the Awful Truth Blog on Saturday August 1st.

She claims to know someone about Twilight filming.

Post 671: margaret Sat, Aug 1, 2009, 7:47 AM
angelsslave-LOL poor MA! But do we know anything about the living together??? I haven't heard it but has anyone else had?? But I know somethings about the Twilight filming and from what I hear K/MA fought a lot. And didn't sleep in the same room...maybe they were fighting or maybe it was because she was 17? I don't know.

Post: margaret Sat, Aug 1, 2009, 10:38 AM
I guess I should also post this here so people can read..."sheenspr-You asked for what I know about the Twilight set so here it goes...You probably have heard this all by now...Ok umm...1) MA never planned on going no the set or the Oregon and Washington with Kristen as he hasn't done that in the past, but CH/NR told him about R/K 2) R/K just followed each other every where...they went to lunch together they went on set together they left set together...that is if both of them finished on time. Kristen had more filming then Rob of course but some days Rob would wait for her to finish. 3) NR/K were friends...Nikki was apparently kinda condescending to Kristen but she wasn't mean to her. 4) During the Twilight kissing scene, R/K didn't stop kissing right away...only of a few secs though...5) MA and Kristen fought a lot and MA wasn't there as much as people think he was. He wasn't there for her 18th Bday and Rob was the one that sat next to Kristen."


This "Margaret" also mentioned something else about the ON SET dynamics:
"According to her, during twilight filming, Kristen and Rob sort of gotten really close and that Rob helped her cope with her problems with MA. She said they were on/off just like Kristen and MA were on/off during that time. She also said that there were sleep overs( Rob in Kris's room),she believed they didn't do anything other than talk as Kris was just 17 at that time"

(No credited source, she probably also mentioned this at the Awful Truth comments, but the specific source of where she said this has not been found)

The above leads to speculation about the dynamic of Rob and Kristen's relationship during filming of Twilight.

The above source supports the theory that Rob and Kristen got close on set and that their love might have blossomed there but since MA was still in the picture, it's unlikely they were dating already and were just good friends.

Another theory could be that they were on/off, since Michael was missing in action for the important event that was Kristen's birthday, hinting that Kristen and MA were not that serious.

We'll leave the on set marriage proposals for what they are at the moment, since they'll get a separate break-down later on.

Some interesting BTS shots, when there was NO filming.

Note by Bronze: I do not own any of the Youtube videos on this blog. They are made by people far more talented than me. Please give them credit if and when credit's due. Merci!

Twilight Filming Preparations (early 2008) - Facts, Theories and Speculation

Before filming for Twilight started in February 2008, Kristen and Rob had to prepare for their parts and try and discover how to express the Edward/Bella chemistry on screen.

Facts about their prepping:

- To prepare for the role, Robert Pattinson did more than just stay out of the sun. He wrote journal entries as Edward and shut himself off from his friends and family. ''I wanted to feel his isolation,'' he says


- They watched Last Tango in Paris together and tried to base the E/B relationship on that. Other inspirations came from the book "Doomed Love" by Virgil, that Rob gave Kristen.


- They also went over the script together:

"Kristen: We sat around my dining room table for, like, two entire nights with the script. Robert: Two nights? It was more than two nights.
Kristen: Oh yeah, it was actually all of pre-production. But there was two nights that were actually, like, productive.


This is something Rob had to say about developing their chemistry:

"How did you work on developing the sexual tension that exists between your characters?

Robert Pattinson: I used to sometimes just run into Kristen’s bedroom naked! [laughs] To keep shocking her! But seriously, it’s funny because all the romantic scenes are all pivotal moments in the movie… but I’m never really sure how to answer that question. It was worrying, though, because we were both wearing contact lenses and so much of it is to do with visual eye contact. So, we both had these kind of masks over our eyeballs, and so it was really worrying the whole time that there wouldn’t be anything between us. It was lucky that there was, I guess."


The facts speak for themselves. It is clear Kristen and Rob wanted to capture the essence of the romance between their characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen and had their own way of prepping to get the chemistry just right.

But what about the speculation and theories about the mentioned facts in this post?

- They watched Last Tango in Paris together.
Not quite the PG-13 movie, obviously.

Not to mention the "many productive" nights they had, per Robert Pattinson's words.

This is food for speculation, naturally.

But there is no credited speculation on this time frame, or rather there is plenty uncredited speculation about this time on Ted's Awful Truth at the comments section on several of his blogs.

The basic outlines of the theorizing on this particular time exists of the fact it's significant that Kristen and Rob watched Last Tango in Paris together, a sexy film, when Kristen had a BF (Michael Angarano). It seems impossible the atmosphere of the film did not rub off on the two.

Plus, the productive nights. Speculation gladly reads into these words, as if to say. "Productive" equals sex. Not to mention the actual wording of "many nights." Meaning the two obviously spend many nights together to try and creat the chemistry they needed to bring to the big screen.

The basic theory/speculation: Kristen and Rob were either dating (perhaps casually) around this time or definitely falling for each other. The fact they spend so much time together leads to believe they did more than prepare for filming based on being professional alone. Or maybe they prepared a little too well. Either way, they did like each other enough (friends and/or romantically) to spend this much time together to get the chemistry right, when obviously alot of the chemistry came quite natural already.

Twilight Audition (late 2007) Facts, Speculation and Theories

Let's start with what we know to be true about the time Rob and Kristen auditioned, based on interviews. The Facts.

Catherine Hardwicke on the audition:

"This is the bed. That's where we had the first kiss between Rob and Kristen," Hardwicke beamed on Thursday when we visited her home just blocks from the beach, to celebrate such MTV Movie Awards moments as the Best Kiss nominee born on her own personal bed. "We did the audition — the chemistry read — here to see if these two would have chemistry. To see if their kiss would be exciting and cool.

"They came to my house — they had just met," Hardwicke remembered, inviting MTV News' Tim Kash to sit on the same edge of the bed where RPattz had made his move all those months before. "I said, 'I know you just met, but I need you to do this scene. We're gonna do it in my bedroom, on the bed — and you're really gonna kiss.'

"Kristen already had to kiss three other guys that day," Hardwicke smiled, addressing the Twilighters. "I know that's torturous, ladies."

Then it came time for the young actor they were referring to as "Bachelor Number Three." "She was kind of sleepy and just hanging out — and then Robert appeared in the room," Hardwicke remembered. "His hair was a little different — it was his DalĂ­ hair, with the black bangs."

Although the finished product would be sexy enough for a Movie Awards nomination, Rob and Kristen's first smooch was anything but. "He was a bit nervous, because suddenly you've just met a girl and you're going to start making out with the person — and someone is filming," remembered Hardwicke, who was capturing test footage on film to show the studio. "[Pattinson] was really wild on the first take — use your imagination.

"I had to tell him, 'This is going to be a PG-13 movie!' and have him settle down a little bit," she laughed. "Afterwards, Kristen and I were looking at each other like, 'Whoa!'

"They had to do it three times," she remembered. "The first time, they went a little too far, and I was like, 'I can't show this to anybody at the studio!' After we finished the whole thing and we had met bachelors one, two, three and four, Kristen said, 'It has to be Rob.' She basically threatened me."

More From Catherine:

''It was electric,'' Hardwicke says. ''The room shorted out, the sky opened up, and I was like, 'This is going to be good."

Source: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20211840_2,00.html

Kristen to Vanity Fair Daily about the audition:

"Well, I basically cast him. We did one day of auditions and a bunch of guys came in. Catherine Hardwicke, the director, afterwards was like, "What do you think? This is such a hard choice." I was like, "Are you kidding me!? It's such an obvious choice!" It couldn't have been better. It was sort of perfect."

Source: http://www.vanityfair.com/online/culture/2008/11/05/twilights-kirsten-stewart.html

More From Kristen:
"It started in the audition process. He was the only guy who came in and looked like he was thinking about something other than how to pose statuesque,” she revealed. “I could feel a lot of pain from him—very afraid—and that’s what Edward should be. He’s sort of the weaker counterpart in the relationship. He’s not the surefooted one; she is.”

Source: http://www.rushprnews.com/2008/11/22/kristen-stewart-talks-twilight-chemistry-at-autograph-signing/

More on what Catherine Hardwicke had to say about the audition between Rob and Kristen:



About the auditions (At Comiccon 08)


- Rob on his audition

We have the facts, lets move on to the speculation.

- MA was never Kristen's BF. There have been posts on Ted's Awful Truth blog by the poster named "Secrecy" who claims they were only friends and that Kristen fell for Rob when she met him:

From August 19th on Ted's Bitch Back blog:

"MA and Kristen were friends. Good friends. He's a nice guy and was close to the family. Pastew liked him really well. MA was not bf. Secrecy states that he was a PA. The film industry will not accommodate a bf as part of a star's entourage. MA was always along, in the capacity of PA. MA did not start trying to win K's heart until RP started to try to win K's heart. K liked RP from the beginning..the audition. Feelings were mutual. You will not find a interview with K where she describes her feelings for MA as that of a bf/love of my life because he wasn't that to and for her. Notice too, that MA doesn't ever speak of K in those tones in interviews. Likewise, there will be no statement of breakup, because there is nothing to breakup from. "

From The Awful Truth blog on August 21nd "Where did R-Patzz Go"

"Kristen by her own definition stated that she didn't "date" anyone until she was 16. She met Rob when she was 17. This doesn't give enough time for the thought that she "dated" MA for that long. Now she knew MA, because of the movie they were in. That was 2004, and she was 14. Also, I want to clairfy something from yesterday that seems to get people confused about those posts. Secrecy didn't state that MA/KS never dated. She stated that their "dating" was not "serious", and that by Twilight, by the audition Kristen was free. If you think about that, it makes sense. If Kristen were in a loving long term relash with MA, why would she have had the hots for Rob right out of the gate? And you can SEE that in the Twilight Tuesday vid's. You can see that at her Bday. Secrecy also didn't bash MA. Just said that his and Kristen's relash was not of a seriously into you nature. It was casual dating"

- Uncredited speculation:

Kristen was the one with a crush on Rob and wanted him before the audition.

Theories based on the above:

- Kristen and Rob fell in love during, and have been together, since the audition. They fell in love straight away and since MA was not her boyfriend at all, there was nothing in their way to start dating.

- Kristen and Rob fell in love during the audition, but Kristen was still with MA so they did not start dating straight away because Kristen did not just want to dump MA and she may have hoped to work things out because she felt she owed it to him, since he was her first BF and he was safe and familiar. Of course MA was not going to let her go without a fight either. That's why Kristen and Rob started out as friends and did not get together until a later time.

- Kristen and Rob fell in love during the audition and although she was dating MA at the time, it didn't stop Rob and Kristen from getting together, because she and MA were not in a serious relationship.

- Kristen and Rob fell in love during the audition, and although both were single since MA was just a friend, they needed some time to deal with these intense feelings and so R/K did not get together straight away and started out as friends.

Note from Bronze: Most of the above theories do not make Kristen look so good with the BF-switching etc. Keep in mind it is speculation and this site remains neutral.

Also, none of above has ever been verified as fact in any way.

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Robsten Investikudos is primarily covering Rob and Kristen current events at the moment and won't shy away from adding in speculation where there is any. However, we have decided to move all the coverage of 2007, 2008 and 2009 here, our Robsten Investikudos Archives blog.

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