Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Story So Far: Robsten 2008

Somewhere at the end of 2007, Kristen Stewart was randomly reading lines and making out with a bunch of wannabe Edwards.

Little did she know that at some point a relatively unknown Brit would walk in and sweep her off her feet.

But Robert Pattinson did walk into Catherine Hardwicke's house at a certain point. And he did read lines and make out with Kristen Stewart, like that bunch of other wannabe Edwards did.

Except Rob did not kiss Kristen Stewart one time and be done with it.

Heck, Robert Pattinson did not even kiss Kristen Stewart two times and leave it at that.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart locked lips three times that day. And for some reason I doubt they minded it.

It took Catherine Hardwicke three takes to present the studio bosses (and Stephenie Meyer, I presume) with an impression of what would later be called "the Robsten Bubble."

The reason she needed three takes?

Simple: the initial takes were not so innocent, to say the least.

Basically they were too hot. Too smokin' hot.

Instant chemistry. The unique - once in a life time - kind.

According to Catherine Hardwicke, something happened the moment Kristen and Rob auditioned. "The sky opened up" and the moment itself was "electric".

She saw and she knew. The first to have witnessed the magic of Kristen and Rob's chemistry. The first to have ever witnessed the Robsten bubble.

Does that make her a lucky woman? Maybe now it does. But I wonder how she felt about it then. Did she fully realize what she was observing. What was unfolding in front of her very eyes?

If she knew, and I think she did, she could only allow for this chemistry to be explored on a professional level.

How conflicting it must have been to watch two people fall for each other completely, knowing the many obstacles in their way.

Because YES. Rob and Kristen did fall in love. Perhaps even on that fateful day in Catherine Hardwicke's bedroom.

We'll never know in detail what happened that day, but whatever it was, it was powerful enough for all of us to take notice. On screen as Edward and Bella in Twilight they made us believe, but more importantly, we have witnessed what happened off screen.

Now we can all rationalize this. Twilight is the type of movie, completely relying on the chemistry between the lead characters. And since Rob and Kristen both have the acting-chops to make their characters believable and want quality over popularity (from what we have all observed) it makes absolute sense that their chemistry would be good.

But there's good and then there's great. Good chemistry is two actors sharing a love scene making you believe it for the sake of the story but still remembering it is acting and allowing it to be acting, thus not transforming it into a reality.

Great chemistry is Kate and Leo in Titanic. You believe it and forget the actors are acting for the length of the movie (and we know how long Titanic is)

But then there's the kind of chemistry, the deeper kind of connection between two people that trangresses beyond the big screen, making you forget it is acting all together, even after the end credits roll.

That's Robsten chemistry.

Robsten chemistry in 2008: Moments that underlined how much these two were alike in their values. How much they were connecting. Moments that made us wonder how it was possible that these two were not together. Vanity Fair shoot, anyone?

Because they weren't. Together.

It seems like it taints the story in an prosaic way. Like someone had to add a third character to the magical love story to prevent the ones who were meant to be, to be together.

And without wanting to diminish Kristen's relationship with Michael Angarano, I think her heart started beating for someone else, the moment she met Rob.

Now do we romanticize this too much? All these "swoon" worthy moments?

Absolutely we do. And it felt so much less "forbidden" to comment on the chemistry issue last year, when most of us officially knew Rob and Kristen to be friends. While some dreamed of them together, we also knew Kristen had a boyfriend. We knew that what we saw was going to make for a good movie but that we also needed not to make that into a reality. And that reality kept us in check, especially when these moments, these "Bubble" moments they gave us started to make us speculate on the intensity of their relationship.

To be fair though, we did not entirely create this (desired) Robsten reality ourselves by the act of wishful thinking.

After all, out of all those wannabe Edwards Kristen auditioned with, she picked (and even demanded) Rob to be Edward. Does that simply make her a good judge of character?

Yes. But that's not what solely made her choose him.

Like she said so herself: "It's such an obvious choice!" It couldn't have been better. It was sort of perfect."

So perfect it was, with all the imperfections they dealt with since then. But that one moment, that one moment they met, they touched and felt the frenzy of electricity sweep through their veins, straight into their core.

That moment was perfect.

That's what makes us believe in love.

That's what made us fall in love with them.

And them with each other.

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