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Twilight Promotion: Various Interviews in November 2008

This is a compilation of interesting appearances and interviews Kristen and Rob did to promote Twilight in November 2008.

I have only put up the links to the videos and put in no embedded ones because that will make the pages load far too slowly.

The Unscripted Interview with Kristen, Rob and Stephenie Meyer.

Bonus Clips from Unscripted Interview:

CTV E Talk Interview with Rob, Kristen, Rachelle and Nikki.

Part one:
Part two:
Part three:

Much Music Interview with Kristen, Rob, Rachelle and Nikki

Access Hollywood interview with Rob:

Part one:
Part two:

Access Hollywood interview with Kristen:

Part one:
Part two:

C-TV Joined Interview with Rob and Kristen

MTV Spoilers with Twilight cast on November 14 2008




Rob and Kristen at the Today Show on November 20 2008

The #1 Countdown Interview with Rob, Kristen and Taylor:

Kristen and Rob Interview with Now, November 2008:

Feel free to share your speculation about the above material in the comment-section.

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Comments frrom this blog:

loveactually said...
What a wonderful time November 08 was for Twilight fans everywhere.

CTV interview has always been one of my favorites. I loved the flirting between Rob and Kristen and the way Rob joked and teased Kristen. The part where Kristen talked about the audition and how Rob's incapable of lying. It was as if no one else was in that room but Rob and Kristen. The whole thing was adorable. Yet the REALLY interesting thing with that interview is what Lainey gossip blogged after it was over. Lainey used to work for CTV and was on the set the night that interview took place. She noted the "strange" dynamic between Rob and Kristen. It's very interesting how Lainey perceived things between Rob and Kristen even way back then before many people had even taken notice and of course before New Moon filming set up shop in Lainey's hometown. here is the link to Lainey's blog about the CTV interview .

MuchMusic had some hidden goodies but was really hard to watch because of all of the screaming fans.I noticed a few interesting yet subtle things with this interview. The first thing was when Perez Hilton was video cammed in to ask chat with Rob. He asked Rob if he was seeing anyone. AT first Rob tried to play it off by randomly pointing to a girl in the audience. Perez wasn't letting him off that easy and pressed further asking Rob to be truthful. If you notice it was then that Rob hesitated. He did not answer straight away. His answer was "". He looks down and then a quick look is exchanged between Rob and Kristen. I also noticed during Rob's hesitation Kristen is making eye contact with either Rachelle or Nikki (we obviously can't see either of them because they are off camera). IDK watching that just seemed odd to me as if something was being hidden. Immediately after Perez they are asked to get up and walk over to the window for the fans. Rob is on the walkway and Kristen walks by him and if you notice she reaches out and rubs his back..almost in a reassuring way.
Here is a link to a youtube version with Perez and then Kristen touching Rob's back. The touch is right after Perez at 2:05
Also in the same video at 3:11 when the interviewer asks them about love and how crucial the chemistry between Bella and Edward was you see Rachelle and Nikki have a giggly moment. I thought that was cute too and it made me wonder if they were privy to something the rest of us were not.

The Today show is probably my favorite Rob and Kristen interview ever. The way their movements mirror each other. They both look down at the same time, play with their hands and as they are walking out even zipper their leather jackets at the exact same time. It's all so uber cute! The best for me was the way Rob is looking at Kristen when she is asked why she chose Rob to play Edward. He has such a look of longing and admiration for Kristen. He truly is smitten with her and it's almost painfully obvious when he is listening to her. It's again as if no one else in the world exists in his eyes except Kristen. Even people who denied he was interested in her could not deny that look. The look of love. :D

When they were leaving to head to NY to do the Today show Lainey posted another blog stating her thoughts on Kristen's "awkward" feelings for Rob and Rob's apology after the CTV interview.

Thanks again for putting this blog together!!! It's so much fun reliving these moments!!
September 2, 2009 1:25 PM
Heather said...
loveactually: thanks for the references.

My favorite is the one with Stephenie Meyer, though.
September 2, 2009 7:20 PM
Heather said...
That second Lainey ref?? It has Rob in his vodka TShirt! Splendid.
September 2, 2009 7:22 PM
loveactually said...
Something I also wanted to point out. In the second Today Show video when Rob and Kristen walk outside to take fan questions you see two girls holding signs. The sign on the left asks "Will You Marry Me?" As Kristen is talking listen to what Rob says around 8:25 and the tilt of his head.;) To me that is very telling of where his heart lied at that particular time. Very cute!!
September 3, 2009 8:20 AM
Netti said...
do you have the link loveactually??
September 20, 2009 3:56 AM
bronze said...
Netti, this is the link:

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