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Twilight Promotion: Rome Film Festival October 30-31 2008: Facts and Speculation

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Catherine Hardwicke were at the Rome Film Festival in October 2008 to promote Twilight.

This was the programme:

The Press conference (with Kristen in grey dress)

The Red Carpet.

The Q&A after the Red Carpet Premiere
Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Part five

The book signing:

Interview at Rome FF with Rob and Kristen:

Now, the facts are always what we see. But there's also interesting speculation on what might have happened in Rome.

When in Rome, the speculation really heated up like never before.

The Vanity Fair shoot was undeniably hot and the speculation on a hook-up between Rob and Kristen heated up as well, but it was in Rome, where people suddenly started to see and believe things. And not because Rob and Kristen were acting all flirty.

The biggest scoop of speculation is the supposed break-up between Kristen and boyfriend Michael Angarano.

The video shows Kristen getting out of the car and MA bolting from the scene. The theory/spec is that they had a fight in the car and broke up. Word also has it that MA was not supposed to be in Rome, but that Summit flew him in.

Kristen stands there, taking deep breaths. Visually upset and Catherine needs to comfort her. We cannot be sure on what took place but something did happen in that car. It's not just the nerves for the red carpet event.

When Rob shows up, Kristen seems to lighten up a bit, happy to see him at the very least. When they pose together, the following dialogue supposedly takes place

R: I love you.
K: You too. (or Love you). I actually broke up with him in the car.
R: shocked, surprised.
K: Dude, I had to fight.
R: Are you ok?
K: Looks up at him and says "Yes"
Camera pulls back and she shows him what is in her hand. Then it cuts to the red carpet walk

Feel free to add your own lip-reading observations in the comments.

What else does Rome offer?

The arm touch.

See it in motion:
around the 5.27-5.31 mark.

The arm touch is interesting, because Kristen initiates it. Rob, normally grinning like a love struck fool at these little gestures, or easily distracted by them, barely responds. It's almost as if he is mad at Kristen and she is trying to make some sort of amends. Whatever she tries to do, he does not

This points obtains a bit more merit because of the Q and A after the Red carpet where Rob mentions: "When you're with someone, you're with that one person that's it..." when asked about his character Edward, while Kristen responds "I'm a girl who lives in reality not fantasy..." when asked about Bella.

This is in relation to Edward and Bella, but one can speculate that those answers had everything to do with whatever was taking in place in their personal lives.

Also, Rob admitted in an interview that he kind of broke down there.

Naturally, this could have been because he was so overwhelmed by all the attention. But naturally speculation would say he was also a bit on edge because of all the drama with Kristen and MA.

Finally, the supposed longing looks during the book signing. Where Rob looks at Kristen and she bites her thumb whilst staring back. Body language believers would say she does this out of restraint.

Watch it here around the 1.37-1.43 mark:

Now he does steal a quick glance, but he doesn't seem extremely invested.

The complete theory on what went down in Rome:

Rob and Kristen are not their comfortable selves at the Press Conference. A bit tired maybe, but there's also an emotional edge there. Kristen seems to try and connect with Rob, but he seems to ignore her.

The video below illustrates this.

Around the 8.55 mark a question is being asked and although it seems like Kristen is listening intensely, she seems to be in her own world. When the question hits her, she glances at Rob for support and it almost seems like she is pleading with him to understand where she is coming from, but this would not relate to the question itself, but to the personal situation they were in.

Then we have the Red carpet. MA was not supposed to be there but Summit allowed him to go with Kristen. (The whole Summit/MA = evil and messing with Robsten theory will be addressed at a later time) Anyway, Kristen and MA fight before she has to walk the Red Carpet. The supposed "break up" dialogue between Kristen and Rob takes place and Rob is hopeful that this is it, that Kristen and he can finally try to get together and become a couple. But he is also hesitant, knowing that things have just gotten far more complicated. Kristen is hurt by MA, but does not break up with him. Rob feels oddly betrayed and perhaps even misled and while Kristen had no intention of hurting him, he does feel hurt. It shows in his behavior towards Kristen.

Kristen and MA patch things up and things at the Q and A (after the red carpet) are even more dire than they were at the Press Conference. It's there Rob and Kristen call each other out with their answers to a E/B question don't reflect what's been asked and doesn't entirely apply to their on screen characters. They barely make any contact during this event.

Finally, the book signing. The "flirty" look may have been a look of understanding or pleading. It does not look that flirty at all. Also, MA was there in the book store, so it's unlikely Kristen was flirting with Rob but rather tried to get his attention because she felt awful and wanted to make things right between Rob and her. Perhaps the look was some silent communication between the two of them, that it just was not the time. Finally, overcome by emotions, Rob does break down a bit and cries.

It's absolutely speculation on the one hand.

On the other hand, Rome Film festival was important. And something did take place before Kristen stepped onto the red carpet. She was noticeably upset. We might never know what really took place, but this was a significant event in the development of the Robsten relationship, even if the speculation is a bit over- dramatized.

All in all: the flirty Rob and Kristen we saw at CC08 and the VF shoot weren't the ones to board a plane to Rome. In fact, the only time we saw a genuine reaction from Rob re: Kristen was at the Red carpet because he knew she was upset. He did not respond or flirt himself through the qustions and barely seemed to give Kristen the light of day. He was polite but restrained, detached.

Mayb he was having a bad day, maybe everything was getting to him, but his face, alway open, gave away how miserable he was. And Kristen's pelading behavior underlines this. She may very well have been caught in between doing what was expected and what she was feeling inside.

Finally, to round this up with something official: a VF Italy photoshoot Rob and Kristen did:

A few pictures:

They look very unhappy. Painfully so.

As always, feel free to use the commens to add your own speculation.

Disclaimer: we own nothing

The old comments for this topic:

bronze said...
Note: We read something else, namely:

R: I love premieres
K: I and Michael broke up because of you.
R: shocked, surprised.
K: Dude, I had to fight.
R: Dude?
K: Looks up at him and says "Yes"
Camera pulls back and she shows him what is in her hand. Then it cuts to the red carpet walk
September 1, 2009 2:39 PM
Heather said...
Bronze, I can follow the red carpet, etc., but that Q&A is is just too bumpy and long to watch. I can see what you are talking about in the interview.. they both seem depressed, and really hardly look at each other.
September 1, 2009 9:18 PM
loveactually said...
I've been following your blog for a couple days and you really have put alot of work into it. Thank you so much for putting all of this together in one place.

My friend and I had discussed the red carpet conversation awhile ago and this is what we came up with:
Rob: "I love you."
Kristen: "Me Too." Then she's quick to go on and say "I asked him to break up with me in the car. We haaaad a fight."
To me it looks like Kristen then shows Rob her nails. You have probably noticed in interviews and appearances K has a habit of biting her nails when she is nervous. My take was that during whatever conflict took place she had bitten her nails down and was showing that to Rob.

Also 2 days before Rome was the Madrid Twilight premier where Kristen attended with Cam Gigandet and Catherine. Michael was with Kristen at this premiere. Madrid was where the BTS footage of Kristen playfully biting Rob's neck was shown. Micheal was in the audience during that time. At one time months back there was video a fan took in the audience where a fan went over to where Michael was sitting and asked for his autograph. (Kristen was outside doing the whole photo walk with Cam and Catherine). So Michael definitely flew to Rome with Kristen.

There is no doubt though that once they arrived in Rome something happened that caused that tension in the car and conversation between Rob and Kris.

My personal belief is that during this time was when Kristen decided she wanted to end things with Michael but something stopped her from doing it. Or it could have been that Kristen wanted whatever arrangement they had worked out to come to an end.

Just wanted to throw that out there.

Thanks again for all the work you've put into this blog!! You're awesome!
September 1, 2009 10:24 PM
bronze said...
Thanks, Loveactually. That's real helpful information!

That's what this "blog" is about. Sharing what we know. I am only putting up the foundations. The rest needs to be filled with people's ideas. :)

Thanks again!
September 2, 2009 4:02 AM
Diwata said...
I am a middle-age German executive & have been following Robsten from the start but never had a chance to write my opinion/feelings- I believe the girl who said that timeline for Robsten being "on" is summer-around April. I read a very small footnote in a magazine/or heard it on the news that N/M/K/R was seen on a very serious discussion in LA around this time. Next days I was waiting for an announcement of break-up bet. M&K - NOTHIING: it was then commented as "hush,hush". But was later on commented that this is a confrontation & that finally R & K will be together. But also NOTHING!
Hope they will be strong enough to withstand all difficulties, challenges of being young, in-love and in this crazy showbiz!!!Love them both and thanks for a wonderful place for all ROBSTENfans!!!Soleil
September 7, 2009 12:50 PM
cliniqua1 said...
Bronze, OMG - this site is amazing! First time visitor Clini here! Your insight is amazing and so on point with what was in my head, and tried to express today..especially the Rob mad/sad parts. I can't believe I haven't been over here before. I really don't think I could add anything additionally as you seem to have nailed everything, and have posted moments that I haven't caught yet. It's like a puzzle that we keep finding pieces to isn't it? :) If I discover anything I'll be back with a vengeance. The VF Italy photoshoot you posted is heartbreaking, that one pic of Kris - by herself on that rock..whoah. I have to say...I might have something to add, and that's the old comment that the timesonlineuk author tried to bury as new in the recent Kristen piece done to promo Adventureland - he says 'earlier this year,' she made the comment, "I haven't left my boyfriend for Rob Pattinson." We can speculate that 'earlier' could be Jan/Feb., or it could have been even earlier than that - as he doesn't specify and could be pulling a quote from another source (we all know that when that appeared in the recent story we all recognized it as being old) My point in bringing that up, is that maybe she made it, around the time they were promoting in Rome. Perhaps that was what hurt Rob? That would have done it. It would have lent an air of finality to the whole thing in Rob's mind, or made him angry. Soooo glad that's over now. Anyway, looking forward to coming back and sharing and learning more great stuff re our fav couple.
September 7, 2009 6:48 PM
emily said...
I agree that something probably went down during this trip. They didn´t seem to be themselves, most of all at the q&a and press conference. It was not all doom and gloom however as this picture is an example of
September 13, 2009 1:59 PM
Netti said...
Kristen stands there, taking deep breaths. Visually upset and Catherine needs to comfort her. We cannot be sure on what took place but something did happen in that car. It's not just the nerves for the red carpet event.

THANKYOU!!!!!! how many peole refuse to believe that it was more than nerves surprises me, thankyou so much for seeing what I see. You also have found thinkgs I never even knew about!! thanks!!
September 20, 2009 3:25 AM
Anonymous said...
Hi.. very interesting .. I'm from Brazil and just read all posts and they are VERY interesting...the lips reading are amazing and we can see clearly 99% what they said!!! it's amazing.. Can you do it for other vids?
September 20, 2009 5:07 AM
Anonymous said...
I see that from red carpet they were directly to interview with fans... same clothes right?? and there ROBSTEN had the same body language and Rob was not so mad.. I suppose that afterwards they went to hotel to change to go for another interview, or this was the day after?? do not know. What I know and saw is they are with different clothes and that's we can see the change on ROb's as you pointed on your post.. So I believe they have talked and Kris told him what happened.. What made him go sad and mad we won't know for sure but can be in line with some of post theories..
September 20, 2009 5:50 AM

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  1. OH EMM GEE! You are so pathetic.. how can you not be embarrassed to write this? K and MA 'broke up' in the car.. and that r/k has this heart to heart in front of the wolds MEDIA

    Rob: "I love you."
    Kristen: "Me Too." Then she's quick to go on and say "I asked him to break up with me in the car. We haaaad a fight."

    HELLO STUPIDITY??????? Do you not think rationally and logically or does that go out the window just because you want to investigate YOUR theories and YOUR fantasy. If K and MA were so unhappy why did it take a further 5/6 months for them to break up? USE YOUR BRAIN! Kristen was shaking with nerves at the Italy premiere because she hates crowds and was just getting used to the mania. Why do you have to make this shit up? Rob and Kristen were fine at those events, they both looked exhausted but they were smiling at eachother but you ignore this. WHY?

    You do realise that this blog is the very thing that they hate .. being analysed, lied about, intruded upon..

    "If (Pattinson and I) go out in public, every little detail is scrutinized, like the way I stand next to him," she says. "It's only natural that we're sort of leaning on each other, because we're put in the most ... psychotic situations."

    yeah, there's that!

    Leave them alone, they are happy together so stop treating them like they are your entertainment.. and GROW THE FRACK UP AND GET A BOYFRIEND!!!