Saturday, January 15, 2011

Twilight Promotion: Various Photo Shoots in 2008

This will feature some of the photo shoots the cast has done in order to promote Twilight.

Just to speed things up a bit and because there's not that much to speculate on except for some body-language reading, I have collected them all in these few posts.

In november 2008 the Twilight cast did a shoot with Teen magazine.

(Yes, that 'restraining' hand on Kristen's shoulder is Nikki Reed's..)

And a behind the scenes video:

And then there was also a shoot with InStyle Magazine.,,20237332_20237326_20535901,00.html

Again, we can see what the presence of Nikki Reed does. She loves to take charge and it might seem like she enjoyed Kristen's presence in the limelight enough to desperately want to join. Or maybe it's just her outgoing personality. Not to mention, Kristen seems to enjoy her company which is fine, but you can see Rob keeping his distance. (= speculation on body language)

Entertainment Weekly (Just Rob and Kristen)

After having shot for Entertainment Weekly in June 2008, Rob and Kristen had another shoot with them a few months later, due out for release around the November 2008 premiere of Twilight. The twosome both featured a solo cover for EW, and one together.

The covers:

Inside the magazine:

Some outtakes:

Disclaimer: we onw nothing

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