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Twilight premieres overseas: London, Munich and Paris - December 2008

Coverage of the European promotion/premieres Kristen and Rob attended

London, United Kingdom on December 3 2008

Radio interview with Edith Bowman for BBC1 Radio(broadcasted in the 18th of December, but recorded when they were in London)

Munich, Germany on December 6 2008

More from red carpet, no embedding, just the link:

Paris, France on December 8 2008

Promotion at Hotel Crillon in Paris:

Interview with Le Grand Journal (lots in French)

The "Buzzer" Questionnaire/French interview:

General speculation: They look close and relatively comfortable during all three events. I wonder what they did in between the London and Munich premiere. I assume Rob stayed in London and Kristen&Catherine too. Maybe they did some promotional stuff. But other than that, there's a possibility Kristen (and Catherine) hung around Rob and his family.

The "buzzer" interview is interesting and shows them at their flirtiest. Like they do not have a care in the world. Which makes one wonder....

Where was Michael Angarano? Was he there for all the European premieres? If so, that would axe the "Kristen hung around Rob and his family/friends in between London/Munich" - theory.

If not, one could start to speculate if maybe this was the ultimate moment for Rob to win his girl over, wooing her in his home town and all, romancing her in Paris.

Whose to say?

If anyone has info on MA and his know the drill: comments!

I still own nothing, not the pictures, nor the youtube videos. Absolutely nothing. :)

Comments from that blog:

loveactually said...
I love the London radio interview. It seems like Kristen and Rob are so in tune with one another they know what the other is thinking before it is even said. Rob knew Kristen was thinking of Laura Marling when they were asked to choose a tune. And I love Rob's answer when he is asked point blank about the marriage proposal. It seemed reluctantly honest.

During the Munich premiere we do see their arrival together in the same car. So we know they didn't arrive with Catherine or Michael.

There were pictures of Kristen, Catherine and Michael at LAX leaving for the European leg of the tour but the only time Michael actually surfaced on the tour was in France. While Kristen and Rob were doing their promotional work Michael was out sight seeing. Here is a link to a blog with fan pics of Michael in Paris.

Le Grand Journal Q&A was nice to watch. The way Kristen intensely looks at Rob while he is speaking. She seems very in tune to him during this interview.

The buzzer questions were very cute. I love the banter and sarcasm thrown back and forth between the two. The fact they they didn't answer the question "Could you fall for each other in real life?" was very telling, at least for me. No matter how silly of a mood they were in if there was absolutely no chance of off screen romance a simple no, we are just very good friends would have been suffice.

Kristen mentioned during the David Letterman interview that she was planning on going on some type of European road trip to close out the tour. That seems to not have happened because she was photographed shopping with Nikki Reed in LA just days after the tour ended. Also Rob was photographed at LAX airport returning from Europe. No pictures of Kristen returning from Europe ever surfaced.
September 3, 2009 10:06 AM

loveactually said...
Oops here is the link to the Pics of Kristen and Michael leaving LAX for the European tour.
September 3, 2009 10:13 AM
bronze said...
Thanks so much for all your additional info, love actually! Makes this blog that much more complete :)
September 3, 2009 11:11 AM

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