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Promotion: Various Photoshoots: Empire magazine and Teen Vogue magazine: out in October 2008

This will feature some of the photo shoots the cast has done in order to promote Twilight.

Just to speed things up a bit and because there's not that much to speculate on except for some body-language reading, I have collected them all in these upcoming posts.

In september 2008 The cast did the Vanity Fair shoot, which we already covered, but they also had a shoot with Empire magazine. Which is likely to have taken place before Vanity Fair, no exact date is known, however the video to the shoot became available in October.

The Empire shoot:

And some behind the scene footage:


The Teen Vogue shoot:


Putting these two videos up 'against' one another shows a different kind of dynamic in both shoots. This makes sense, naturally.

Not only are the shoots for different magazines, but there are also different players involved. That's where some interesting speculation lies though.

First the Empire shoot: it shows a Rob/Kristen closeness less steamy, espcially when comparing the shoot to the one for Vanity Fair. Word has it Michael Angarano was on the set of the Empire photoshoot and given what happened at the Vanity Fair photo shoot a few weeks earlier, it might make sense if he was there, perhaps keeping an eye on his girlfriend. It would also explain the difference between Rob and Kristen's flirty, rather sexually tainted demeanor at the VF shoot compared to a more reserved and slightly more uncomfortable and yet still sort of close stance during the Empire shoot.

When Rob is headlocking Kristen, he is trying to loosen her up. She looks a little embarrassed but not exactly irritated with Rob. There's a hint of inner turmoil when he puts his arm around her, wanting him to but knowing it may not be the best idea (if they're being watched by MA) and actual pain when they stand there looking down, bodies close but not facing each other.

Still, count the times Kristen is sneaking a peek at Rob. IF MA was there, it certainly did not stop her to stare at Rob.

Moving on to the significance of a photoshoot with and without Nikki Reed present.

While we will get to the conspiracy surrounding Nikki Reed later, it does stand out that Kristen seems to be a different person with Reed around. Reed seems to like getting all up in Stewart's business and Kristen seems comfortable with Reed's close proximity.

No. we're not speculating they are lesbian lovers, but we are aware of the significance in behavior when Kristen is, and when she isn't around Reed.

Then at the Teen Vogue shoot, we see Reed talking for Kristen several times and Kristen and Rob don't even share a frame.

Yes, this is probably the way the interview was set up. And yet, it does make one wonder. It certainly says alot about what we've always perceived of Reed's character. We'll have more on that in our following post, with more photo shoots to come.

Follow the links to some galleries with all these pictures:

Empire: http://www.empireonline.com/magazine/twilight/

Teen Vogue: http://everglowmedia.net/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=679

Disclaimer: we do not own any of the Youtube videos or picture galleries on this blog. They are made by people far more talented. Please give them credit if and when credit's due. Merci!

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  1. Inkspot said...
    Bronze, although I've not been able to find an exact date, I believe the Empire shoot was more likely to be August 2008. Photoshoots tend to happen at least two months before publication - take the upcoming Harpers Bazaar spread, for example. That was done on 20th August 2009 for publication in mid-November. Kristen's shoot for Allure and Rob's Vanity Fair shoot (both done at the beginning of June) haven't yet seen daylight.

    My gut feeling is that the Empire Magazine shoot might have happened sometime between Comic Con in July and the Twilight re-shoots at the end of August.

    SEPTEMBER 30, 2009 10:43 AM
    bronze said...
    Thanks for the info!

    OCTOBER 2, 2009 6:19 AM
    catiamartins said...
    Hi just wanted to add something: in the first video when Rob puts his arm around Kristen, and looks down at her he asks her;´´You ok´´? And it seems like her answer is ''Yeah'' ; You can´t see it here because this video has been cut in that exact part, but if you look for the complete video you can clearly see it. So I gess she was really upset with something...

    OCTOBER 12, 2009 2:30 PM
    Amanda said...
    If you read the body language it makes more sense that Empire was before Vanity Fair. Also - wasn't Kristen shooting Welcome to the Rileys non-stop in October, before they went to Rome?

    DECEMBER 6, 2009 7:22 PM
    Anonymous said...
    In the Empire video Rob is so distracted by Kristen. He is openly staring at her at times and there is some touching as well. When they are standing for the group photo he is looking at her and makes a comment. From his facial expression it seems he likes what he sees and is telling her. He has his hand over his mouth so it's hard to tell what he says. It looks like Kristen shushes him. Go Rob!