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Twilight Promotion: Photo shoot for Vanity Fair on September 13 2008: Facts & Fiction

The photo shoot for Vanity Fair was done on September 13, 2008 by photographer Peggy Sirota at Ventura Farms in Thousand Oaks, California.


Lets start with the facts: What we can actually SEE. The behind the scenes videos of this shoot.








Before we start speculating on this, we need to keep in mind that this photo-shoot had a theme that was oozing hotness. The clothes, the poses, the atmosphere and not to mention the directions the photographer gave.

It's not hard to imagine Rob and Kristen got a little caught up in this, as the compilation video below shows.


But next to the appliance of common sense, there's also a few things to speculate on.

First off, a supposed quick kiss Rob plants on Kristen.

Updated on Oct 14 2009: It's a kiss. Proof:

And another one:
Smooch on Kristen's chest.

Source: http://i36.tinypic.com/169rof6.gif


Source: http://i33.tinypic.com/2ns9t9k.gif

And in the below video, around the 6.08-6.11 mark: does Kristen give Rob a quick peck back?


When looking strictly objective it looks like she is making contact with him, but that doesn't mean she is doing it with her lips.

Still when using your imagination a bit, it could be a quick peck on the cheek, by photographers direction perhaps. Also, the way Kristen keeps leaning against Rob, her arms firmly around him, it certainly does not bother her to leave it linger on his chest.

Lets move on to the supposed "mounting" - comment.

In the video below, around the 5.00 mark, uncertified lip readers are convinced that Kristen asks Rob: "Do you think she would mind if I mounted it?" Then R's mouth drops to the ground and after he recovers they immediately start making plans for a rendevous. K seals the deal by winking at R. She then makes a head gesture that signifies the question "What about her?" Then the camera pulls back as if it is going to pan the area to see who she was referring to but instead settles back on them."


Now the word mount can be made out, but the rest is more on the fuzzy side. Rob's facial expression is surprising though. He looks at her with a definite jaw drop. We can't perse make out an "OMG" from Rob, but the expression is telling.

Still, we can consider this a joke between two co-stars, even with Rob's reaction.

Then there's the intimate hand touching, as seen in a screenshot below:

Again, it's easy to conclude this is part of the intimacy of the shoot. Maybe Rob and Kristen got a bit carried away, it doesn't mean they were in love, or even just casually hooking up.

But, there is a significance in the way they behave around each other.

Take for instance the part in the video above (with the supposed mounting comment/plans) where Rob and Kristen have to hold hands and jump in the air.

Now, the assignment is simple enough: jump in the air whilst holding hands. But the photographer is NOT snapping pictures the entire time and yet they continue to hold hands. Also, Kristen is having trouble with her dress - keeping her ladies from falling out - and yet she doesn't not free her hand to pull the dress up with two hands. She keeps holding Rob's hand quite firmly in between shots.

Conclusions? We can say for sure that this photo shoot undeniably shows these two have great chemistry. And if we take into account that the photographer directed them to do certain poses, it is all very easily explained. But still, if I'd been Kristen Stewart's boyfriend at the time, I would have not been so pleased. Assuming her boyfriend at the time was the one NOT in that shoot with her, holding her in all kinds of provocative poses. Especially for someone who was not her boyfriend.

Feel free to add speculation in the comments :)

Disclaimer: we do not own any of the Youtube videos on this blog. They are made by people far more talented. Please give them credit if and when credit's due. Merci!

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