Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Twilight Filming Preparations (early 2008) - Facts, Theories and Speculation

Before filming for Twilight started in February 2008, Kristen and Rob had to prepare for their parts and try and discover how to express the Edward/Bella chemistry on screen.

Facts about their prepping:

- To prepare for the role, Robert Pattinson did more than just stay out of the sun. He wrote journal entries as Edward and shut himself off from his friends and family. ''I wanted to feel his isolation,'' he says


- They watched Last Tango in Paris together and tried to base the E/B relationship on that. Other inspirations came from the book "Doomed Love" by Virgil, that Rob gave Kristen.


- They also went over the script together:

"Kristen: We sat around my dining room table for, like, two entire nights with the script. Robert: Two nights? It was more than two nights.
Kristen: Oh yeah, it was actually all of pre-production. But there was two nights that were actually, like, productive.


This is something Rob had to say about developing their chemistry:

"How did you work on developing the sexual tension that exists between your characters?

Robert Pattinson: I used to sometimes just run into Kristen’s bedroom naked! [laughs] To keep shocking her! But seriously, it’s funny because all the romantic scenes are all pivotal moments in the movie… but I’m never really sure how to answer that question. It was worrying, though, because we were both wearing contact lenses and so much of it is to do with visual eye contact. So, we both had these kind of masks over our eyeballs, and so it was really worrying the whole time that there wouldn’t be anything between us. It was lucky that there was, I guess."


The facts speak for themselves. It is clear Kristen and Rob wanted to capture the essence of the romance between their characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen and had their own way of prepping to get the chemistry just right.

But what about the speculation and theories about the mentioned facts in this post?

- They watched Last Tango in Paris together.
Not quite the PG-13 movie, obviously.

Not to mention the "many productive" nights they had, per Robert Pattinson's words.

This is food for speculation, naturally.

But there is no credited speculation on this time frame, or rather there is plenty uncredited speculation about this time on Ted's Awful Truth at the comments section on several of his blogs.

The basic outlines of the theorizing on this particular time exists of the fact it's significant that Kristen and Rob watched Last Tango in Paris together, a sexy film, when Kristen had a BF (Michael Angarano). It seems impossible the atmosphere of the film did not rub off on the two.

Plus, the productive nights. Speculation gladly reads into these words, as if to say. "Productive" equals sex. Not to mention the actual wording of "many nights." Meaning the two obviously spend many nights together to try and creat the chemistry they needed to bring to the big screen.

The basic theory/speculation: Kristen and Rob were either dating (perhaps casually) around this time or definitely falling for each other. The fact they spend so much time together leads to believe they did more than prepare for filming based on being professional alone. Or maybe they prepared a little too well. Either way, they did like each other enough (friends and/or romantically) to spend this much time together to get the chemistry right, when obviously alot of the chemistry came quite natural already.

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