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Twilight Filming Feb - Apr 2008 Facts, Theories and Speculation

Let's start this off with some facts on what went down during the Filming of Twilight.

The best way? Some interviews with Kristen and Rob and the rest of the cast on set.




MTV Interview:


Behind the Scenes videos, to give a feel of what the dynamic was.


More on the ON-Set dynamic:


Most comments by other cast members are all about the great chemistry Rob and Kristen have on set, so I will not post all of them here, right now.

There is a quote by Rachelle Lefevre on Rob and Kristen about how they'd fight one moment and than be okay again the next, kind of like Bella and Edward in the fan video below.


Also, during Twilight filming, it was all about Bella and Edward and there was no outside focus on Robsten yet, so the cast probably did not specifically focus on Rob and Kristen.

Of course, there are interviews with Rob and Kristen during promotion, about what went down on set.

And what about the "infamous" marriage proposals:


Confirmed in a radio interview for a UK radio station. The interviewer asks Kristen about the proposals.

"Kristen if he meant it would you say yes" and Kristen stammers and laughs and says "he is right here". Then Rob pipes in that she would say yes"


Another fact:

Rob was there to celebrate Kristen's birthday:

And while she barely remembers the gifts she received, she does remember Rob's:

“Rob got me a guitar, uhm, which is beautiful. The guitar is, like, great. It got a lot of use on the film. Everybody was, sort of, musically inclined, or, at least, interested.”

However, aside from Rob’s gift, Kristen could barely remember the details of her other 18th birthday gifts, “Yeah, yeah, I think people got me some stuff…I don’t really remember. I think… I don’t really remember.”

(The questions are in German. The first questions is about celebrating her 18th and if she received any cool gifts)


This is a great compilation of what happened during the filming of Twilight

The facts on the dynamic between Rob and Kristen during the filming of Twilight show they get along well.

This leads to some speculation on what went down on (and off) set during Twilight filming.

This is from "Margaret" a poster on Ted's the Awful Truth Blog on Saturday August 1st.

She claims to know someone about Twilight filming.

Post 671: margaret Sat, Aug 1, 2009, 7:47 AM
angelsslave-LOL poor MA! But do we know anything about the living together??? I haven't heard it but has anyone else had?? But I know somethings about the Twilight filming and from what I hear K/MA fought a lot. And didn't sleep in the same room...maybe they were fighting or maybe it was because she was 17? I don't know.

Post: margaret Sat, Aug 1, 2009, 10:38 AM
I guess I should also post this here so people can read..."sheenspr-You asked for what I know about the Twilight set so here it goes...You probably have heard this all by now...Ok umm...1) MA never planned on going no the set or the Oregon and Washington with Kristen as he hasn't done that in the past, but CH/NR told him about R/K 2) R/K just followed each other every where...they went to lunch together they went on set together they left set together...that is if both of them finished on time. Kristen had more filming then Rob of course but some days Rob would wait for her to finish. 3) NR/K were friends...Nikki was apparently kinda condescending to Kristen but she wasn't mean to her. 4) During the Twilight kissing scene, R/K didn't stop kissing right away...only of a few secs though...5) MA and Kristen fought a lot and MA wasn't there as much as people think he was. He wasn't there for her 18th Bday and Rob was the one that sat next to Kristen."


This "Margaret" also mentioned something else about the ON SET dynamics:
"According to her, during twilight filming, Kristen and Rob sort of gotten really close and that Rob helped her cope with her problems with MA. She said they were on/off just like Kristen and MA were on/off during that time. She also said that there were sleep overs( Rob in Kris's room),she believed they didn't do anything other than talk as Kris was just 17 at that time"

(No credited source, she probably also mentioned this at the Awful Truth comments, but the specific source of where she said this has not been found)

The above leads to speculation about the dynamic of Rob and Kristen's relationship during filming of Twilight.

The above source supports the theory that Rob and Kristen got close on set and that their love might have blossomed there but since MA was still in the picture, it's unlikely they were dating already and were just good friends.

Another theory could be that they were on/off, since Michael was missing in action for the important event that was Kristen's birthday, hinting that Kristen and MA were not that serious.

We'll leave the on set marriage proposals for what they are at the moment, since they'll get a separate break-down later on.

Some interesting BTS shots, when there was NO filming.

Note by Bronze: I do not own any of the Youtube videos on this blog. They are made by people far more talented than me. Please give them credit if and when credit's due. Merci!

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