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Twilight Promotion: Comicon: July 24th 2008: Facts and Fiction on the Twilight panel and interviews

Lets start with the event itself. The facts of what went down.

The panel:











Borders Interview:


The speculation: Comic Con 2008 was an event that proved how big Twilight was rapidly getting. But at the time most people only has eyes for the actors that were going to portray Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

People might have secretly wondered if these two people were not a couple or at the very least very flirty, but every one was so distracted with Rob's hair and smile that they probably did not see the longing looks between Kristen and Rob until after.

One particular thing that stood out is images like the photos above. Where it seems like Rob and Kristen only have eyes for each other. And not just in an obvious: "we're good friends/co stars" kind of way.

Plus Hickeys?



But do these kinds of observations prove anything? Does this prove Stew and Ransom were in love and together?


Of course it doesn't. And they weren't. Officially, Michael Angarano was Kristen's boyfriend during CC08. And after too.

Still... when you look at all the Comicon 2008 material, it does make you wonder.

Are Rob and Kristen just very good friends?

Well, they must have been.

Flirty they were too, no doubt.

But that's about it, right. Just flirty friends.

Dating? No.

Just having sex? Maybe.

Except that would Stew a cheater. Unless she and MA were on a "Ross-Rachel" type break.


Michael Angarano was simply not her boyfriend at the time.

Or ever.

You decide.

The videos themselves simply show what these two have always shown us. But there was not a name for it, until watching Comicon 08 and putting it in the context of what we know now.

We have a name for the longing looks and smiles now.

It's called the "Robsten Bubble."

And if you look at the 0.32 mark in this video, you can see Rob's always been in it.


Disclaimer : we own none of the Youtube videos on this blog. They are made by people far more talented. Please give them credit if and when credit's due. Merci!

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