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Twilight Promotion: MTV Video Music Awards September 7 2008

The Twilight Cast attended the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 7th 2008.

This was not the most important of events in relation to Rob and Kristen but nonetheless an event they attended together, alongside co stars Cam Gigadet and Taylor Lautner.

At the event they made an appearance to announce Paramore to the stage for a performance.

On stage:

Some photos:


There is not that much known about any speculation-worthy type of event in relation to Rob and Kristen. Though yet again, Kristen was there with her known boyfriend Michael Angarano.

Comparing between between R/K and K/MA does not prove to be of much help either, though there's always the subjective study of body language that people apply to build their theories.

Rob and Kristen:

Kristen and Michael:

(all photos are courtesy of http://everglowmedia.net --> give 'em props)

About the body-language:

Kristen and Michael are holding hands. But their bodies are leaning away frome ach other, whereas Rob and Kristen's bodies are closer in proximity and angled toward one another.

Hand holding looks very intimate and familiar but the distance between Kristen and Michael and the way he positions himself in front of Kristen in the one picture could be interpreted as him being the one in control in the relationship. It does not look very friendly at first sight.

Rob and Kristen do not position themselves in front of the other person, which could indicate they feel more like equals, giving their relantionship an obviously different dynamic than the one between Kristen and Michael. Naturally, Rob and Kristen are friends, and perhaps Rob - whose personality seems to be more open than Michael's - is the type of person to position his body toward the other person, because he feels comfortable doing so, whereas Michael is perhaps a more reserved character.

Kristen and Michael both look into the camera and appear not to interact, whereas Kristen and Rob seem to sharing a few moments

Based on body language there is not much to go on, and certainly no indication that Kristen was in love with Rob at this point. It just goes to show she is comfortable standing close to him but at the same time there's no way of knowing this influenced her feelings for Rob and her relationship with Michael. Studies of body language are far from infallible but they do prove to be an interesting sport.

Feel free to add your thoughts about the body language in above pictures, in the comments.

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