Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Twilight Promotion: MTV Movie Awards June 1st 2008: Facts and Speculation

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The video speaks for itself.

Is there anything to speculate based on this appearance?

Well, it's more proof how well Kristen and Rob get along.

But does it also feed the theory that they fell in love during the audition or perhaps during filming?

We certainly know for sure Michael Angarano, Kristen's known boyfriend at the time joined her on the red carpet.


Studying the video though, and especially the look exchanged between Rob and Kristen with Michael right there not only fuels the fire Kristen and Rob were already into each other back then, thus adding to the theory that they may have fallen in love straight away, but it also hints the a certain idea that Michael at that point was no longer her boyfriend and only joined her based on friendship, or even in the role of being part of her "supportive" entourage.

That, or we could simply deduce this is the look shared between two friends who are both very new to doing public events, thus looking for some comfort and support with one another.

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  1. You are so fucked in the head. Does this look like a supportive 'friend'?


    Yeah, no. This was in November, MONTHS after the MTV awards. You know that isn not true. WHY are you adding fuel to it? I thought you were one of the sane shippers who did supprt fanfiction. You know K/MA were dating up to April 2009, STOP lying so that you stupid blog is more 'interesting'

    No wonder Kristen hates you assholes